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Fashion Trend for Modern Men – Using Of Electronic Cigars

Men’s fashion today has gone beyond the external look due to the embracement of electronic cigarettes as a trend. The real fashionable people are those who value both their outer and inner look. Health is always a part of a person’s grooming and no fashionable clothes can look good in an unhealthy individual.

Electronic cigars, also known as the e-cigars have set a firm footing in the market the moment they were launched. It is a new product in the market and people have been running from pillar to post to get a hold on it. They feel real, taste real and even emit smoke, but the difference is huge between the cigars with nicotine and these e-cigars. They do not contain tobacco like the real cigars. The user of this product is protected from the harmful carcinogens, which are present in tobacco smoke, which is harmful to both the active and passive smoker.

Electronic Cigars

What Makes An E-Cigar?

The foremost question that comes in the mind of the prospective user is what does an e-cigar consists of? Well, it consists of liquid nicotine wrapped in a nicotine cartridge. The small battery operated vaporizer converts a small quantity of liquid nicotine into vapours, when the user inhales the e-cigar. It is more effective than the nicotine gums and patches. The user gets the nicotine hit in a matter of seconds. The puff taken by the user gives him a realistic feeling of smoking a cigar as its tip lightens up because of a small LED light affixed to it. The e-cigar gives the same stimulation and the feeling of smoking a real cigar, and to top it up, you don’t even fall prey to the hazards of the nicotine.

E-Cigars Help Men Minimize Smoking of Conventional Cigarettes

The cartridges filled with nicotine for the e-cigars come in a choice of strengths. They come in three different strengths, such as;

  • Full strength.
  • Medium strength.
  • Minimal strength.

These three strengths are designed especially for the people who are dedicated to quit smoking. As the people get used to smoking e-cigars, they can reduce the strengths of the nicotine cartridge until they give up smoking for good. These modern cigarettes are packed in colors that can match with a user’s attire. In fact, these devices are best when attending any occasion in which the user can be with the fashionable crowd without giving excuses to stay a way for a smoke.

The Advantages Of E-Cigars Over Its Counterparts

There are basically two main advantages people prefer e-cigars over nicotine patches and gums.

  • The first reason for choosing an e-cigar is that it gives the nicotine hit in a matter of seconds than the other products.
  • The second reason being that the people still have the feeling of smoking a real cigar, which the nicotine patches and gums are unable to provide. The e-cigars even imitate the smoke emitted from the real cigars.

The e-cigars are also advantageous for the person from the financial aspect. They may be a little expensive at the initial point but in the long run, they prove to be more cost-effective than the nicotine gums and patches. Additionally, nothing can be fashionable than a man who will use e-cig with the most fashionable designs and colors.

You should be wary of the cheap imitations that are flooding the market in the present times. They prove to be more harmful to the person’s health as they have not been tested as the e-cigars of a reputed company. These spurious imitations may be cheaper but their overall performance may make you pay a heavy price for your health. If you want to go with the trend, you would want to make sure that you get no fake e-cigs. The electronic cigars have become more popular with the smoking masses and that day is not far off when the e-cigars will replace the real cigars. For the fashion-conscious men, e-cigs are the best partner which will let them enjoy the taste of smoke anywhere they want.

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