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Essential Tips for Wearing Stylish Men’s T-Shirts

T-Shirt Importance

The importance of the reliable t-shirt in men’s fashion could never be overstated. It is probably alongside jeans the most important of men’s style staples. It is amazing, then, that so many men still fail to get their style choices correct when it comes to t-shirts, whether it be in the manner they wear them, what they wear them with, or even the sizing!

Check out our top tips so you never commit a criminal offence with your t-shirts – previous indiscretions will be forgiven.

Novelty Wear

Absolutely, never in a million years, no. I don’t care if it is a simple “I’m With Stupid” or a t-shirt with Homer Simpson on it, you just don’t do it. Ever. If you have any novelty or character t-shirts in your wardrobe then you should get rid of them at the earliest opportunity.

stylish men's t-shirts

T-Shirt Fitting

A t-shirt should fit close enough so it is tight on your skin, however give you enough room to move. If you are unsure of your size, try a smaller one first before going for bigger sizes. Larger fits are best avoided unless absolutely necessary. If you are between sizes then go for the smaller one and get yourself down to the gym rather than look ridiculous in something that is blatantly too big.

V-Neck T-Shirts

V-neck t-shirts are acceptable, to a degree. If it is your regular, well-fitted, smart t-shirt then by all means go for it. If you are wearing an extreme cut t-shirt to show off your killer pecs, then it needs to go away. You should avoid these styles of t-shirts at all costs. If you want to show off an impressive physique, then pick out great fitting t-shirts that taper around the waist and will define your upper body. These will be naturally close fitting around the arms, too, so you can easily show off other impressive results of your work at the gym.

Smarter Options

The smarter and by far most stylish t-shirt option for men is the polo shirt. However, along with all of the other styles there are certain rules you need to keep up with. First of all, the collar stays down. Got that? If the collar was meant to be raised, then rather than the collar it would have been produced with a piece of fabric that just randomly sticks up.

Make sure the fit is correct, too. If you are undoing buttons so the shirt fits better then you need a bigger size. One button should be the most you open at all times, and even then only to give a more relaxed edge to what can be a clinical look.

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