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Designer or High Street: Which Men’s Fashions Are Best?

Men’s Fashion Choices

For many men, the choice between designer brands or high street shopping comes down to vanity. For others it is more a choice related to budget restraints, however there are a number of men’s fashion tips that can be adapted to either of these looks. What are they?

Mixing It Up

The biggest mistake many men make is to try and build a whole wardrobe around designer brands. They read one online list of men’s fashion tips that say “buy designer brands” and off they go blowing a lot of money on making their wardrobe exclusively designer. For men, building a look completely around designer brands is not only expensive, but it can actually mean your look lacks depth and any sort of character. While it is beyond question that high quality designer clothes can contribute to a classy and elegant look, any men’s fashion tips which say to shun everything else is barking up the wrong tree.

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Designer Issues

One of the biggest issues you need to contend with is the competition between designers, which can cause difficulties in building a look. High end designers know what their competitors are doing, and their clothes will always be produced to only look really good with other items in their collection. While that sounds perfectly understandable and common sense from a designer perspective, as a consumer that can then lead to you buying repeatedly from the same designer.

Contrast this to shopping on the high street, where while stores obviously direct shoppers towards a certain look, much more of what you can buy from various retailers is able to be interchanged and worn with each other, giving you a much more flexible wardrobe in terms of outfit ideas.

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Dealing With Designer vs. High Street

Any list of men’s fashion tips looking at this issue should end with advice to buy both, so that is what we will do.

The best way to build a great wardrobe and general look is to mix up what you wear, with individual pieces from different designers. For example, you can buy your high street products as you normally would, but then look at how you can incorporate a designer into the look. Will a Ted Baker t-shirt look good with your Topman jeans? Can you buy expensive denim from a designer and wear it with a modestly priced piece of knitwear? Being able to build your wardrobe in this manner will add depth and fun into your fashions.

While the designer or high street argument will last forever, and perhaps be dictated based on budget more than anything else, being able to incorporate a little bit of both into your appearance will leave you a fashion example for men everywhere to follow.

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