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Crystal jewelry sets for the bride: What are your options?

Do you love the idea of a bit of sparkle on your wedding day? Do you picture yourself sparkling and eye-catching? If so, you are most likely leaning toward crystals as your wedding jewelry stone of choice. Many brides who love the Hollywood glam look or even the romantic look go for crystals. Crystal bridal jewelry sets are abundant. You find yourself scratching your asking yourself which one to choose. Crystals, more than any other stone, give that look of glitz, but you need to know some basic information before starting your search. Below are some options and facts to keep in mind.

Size of the stones: Jewelry designers have really gotten creative and have taken risks with the size of crystals available these days. From small bugle to beads to over-sized chunky statement stones, there is truly something for everyone. The most popular size is the smaller Swarovski, main-stream crystal, as it is super affordable yet still high quality. Buying a jewelry set with standard size crystals is what tends to be the norm. However, contemporary brides love the extra large, funky crystals, while the more demure bride will go for the tiny bugle bead.

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Colors of the stones: Years ago, the only color crystals that were available were clear and aurora (rainbow). These still remain the hottest colors, but designers have taken notice of the color craze that is hugely trendy in bridal jewelry and bridal jewelry sets. If you are a bride and really want to capture the light, stick with the clear or aurora—the sparkle beautifully and catch the light perfectly. Colored crystals are more known to be a great choice for bridesmaids. Also, keep in mind that these crystals are plastic most of the time, so take notice of the materials used. Popular colors include blues, pinks, lavenders, reds, and even black. The possibilities are endless.

Styles galore: Crystal jewelry sets are plentiful. A bride really needs to consider the formality of her wedding and dress beading when choosing such a bold stone. Single strand crystals jewelry sets with a stud or drop earring are perfect for just about any look. However, there are large, encrusted crystal sets that really tempt the bride who wants to stand out. They are mostly put on metal wire and shaped into a wide v-shape, or you may see sets that have multiple strands. Some come with chandelier earrings, but BE CAREFUL… you don’t want overkill. A nice balance is what you are looking for when choosing a crystal style.

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