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How to Create Sustainable Fashion Quotient for Men?


If you have been following the trends since the beginning for all your style appeal needs, you have been wasting a lot of time and money on investing in men’s fashion pieces that are there for a shorter duration and won’t stay forever with you. Fashion for men is a genre that changes with the seasons and by the next time the same season comes next year, the trend completely changes.

Think about the time when your father wore clothes that were considered trendy in his era but can you sport them now? Probably not, because what he wore back then is not what you can count trendy in today’s time. This proves that you cannot sustain on any particular way of style quotient but we can always.

This blog would put some tips that can help you build a sustainable fashion appeal that stays with for a longer duration.

  1. Check the style

The very first thing that you need to do is to check whether the style is appropriate for your personality or not. There are many times when you get too fascinated with what you see on the hoarding and want to look just like the model in that image. However, you must understand that he’s completely different from you in terms of looks, physique and personality. See whether the style of shirt or even the pair of male underwear is what would go with your physique or not. Once you’re satisfied with them all, you need to look out for more things mentioned in the below points.

  1. Take a very close at the fabric

The entire fashion industry comes down some points that cannot be ignored and one of them is the fabric. Fabric is an aspect that will the particular article feel comfortable on your body or not, whether it will let your skin breathe well or not and lastly if it will have a longer shelf life or not. Fabric must be paid a lot attention to because that’s where the majority of men fail and then regretting is the only option.

  1. Design is the next big thing

Once the fabric is done, the next big thing is that how does it look? Is it too retro or apt for the current time? Is the cut and print on the article appropriate for your personality? For example, talking about underneath fashion, you must look at the pouch option (enhancing, contouring, anatomical), cuts (traditional, Brazilian, cheeky), waistband (string, broad, no visible band) and a lot more. Every aspect of whether it is the conventional briefs or exotic thongs counts as the design. Likewise, if you invest in a pair of trousers, you’d look at the fit, length, number of pockets and more. You need to pay heed to them all.

  1. Fit is God in clothes

When fabric makes sure that you feel comfortable, fit is what is responsible for your personality to the others. You might find the baggy pajamas extremely comfortable but when it comes to trousers, you can’t wear baggy trousers to work. Likewise, fit is an essential feature that cannot be ignored when we talk about fashion. It is okay to wear something out of fashion if you carry off the fit really well (in exceptional cases) but even if you are wearing the most handsome clothes but they’re not of the right fit, they’re not worth it.

  1. Accessorize accordingly

Accessories are like the icing on the cake! You can do away with it but its presence makes the cake tastier. Likewise, accessories are a great option but if you don’t know about the right ones, might as well take someone’s help or avoid wearing them.

With these tips, you’re good to go and look fashionable without trying too hard.


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