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Choosing Material for Baby Clothing – What’s Best

Choosing the correct clothing material for infants can allow for greater comfort and less wear and tear. Infants really are a test for clothing, especially when compared to adults. They manage to trial the fabrics through their climbing, crawling and falling and also need to be wrapped up comfortably too.

This can really mean that the choice of material is very important to your infant’s clothing and picking quality brands such as Bobo choses is essential as they will last the test of time. So, what are the best materials and what benefits, when are they apt do they have for children’s clothing?


Many of the Bobo Choses baby clothes are made from cotton and this is because the material is soft and absorbent. It is so gentle and non-abrasive on the child’s skin and is perfect for everyday wear as it provides a good degree of ventilation. Cotton clothing can be purchased in organic and non-organic versions and is a great choice for many clothing options.

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Cotton and Polyester

This is a mixture of both cotton and polyester and offers most of the benefits of both together. It has the softness of cotton, though like polyester doesn’t wrinkle and dries a lot faster – something mother’s appreciate as they’re child’s clothing often needs washing. It’s also a lot easier to care for than cotton clothing and doesn’t shrink nearly as much. However, it doesn’t provide the same degree of ventilation.

Cotton and Spandex

This mixture is stretchable and is great for babies who are beginning to move around as it gives them plenty of room for their actions. It is often tight and this aids insulation, though as it is stretchy doesn’t restrict movement.


This is one of the most common materials found on the outer clothing of babies and comes in a number of different degrees of thickness. It is a great material for layering and ideal for keeping babies warm when the weather turns towards the colder parts of the year. It is also a great material as it dries fast and wicks moisture away from the skin of the child. It is also easy to clean and care for and comes in a wide range of colours. Babies also love it as it is a soft material and that’s why many Bobo Choses children’s clothes have an element of fleece in them .

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This is wool and a luxury material that children will love due to its soft nature. Cashmere is an expensive material and one that looks great. However, it doesn’t stretch and isn’t the best material in the world for wear and tear. It’s also hard to wash and hard to remove stains from. There is also the chance it will shrink if put in a machine at too high of temperature – best to be avoided for anyone other than adults really.

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