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How to Choose the Best Bra during Menopause

Best Bra

How to Choose the Best Bra during Menopause


Lingerie shopping is the easiest of all types of shopping that you do. Isn’t it? All you need to do is pick a few pieces that look durable and are available in your favorite colours. But, when you try to examine it carefully, you will realize how tricky this simple task can get. There are a lot of things involved that you need to consider while buying a bra. This task gets even more difficult when it comes to choosing the best bras during menopause.

Just like the other parts of our body, breast also undergo changes; more so as you near menopause. Change in the shape or size, tenderness, lumpy breast are few of the things that you may witness during menopause. Hormonal changes, dropping of estrogen level, shrinking of glandular tissue are the main reasons behind such changes.

During this period, you would prefer wear soft bras with better support and comfort. You also want to buy something that is a value for money, durable and is from a reputed  best bra. The task of buying a bra is actually a lot more complicated than you had ever thought. Here is a list for your help. Let’s have a look-

Consider buying a bra that has a perfect fit

No matter how costly or stylish your bra is, it is worth no use if it does not fit you perfectly. A bra with a good fit can help you a lot in dealing with breast pain or discomfort. Also prefer considering fitting, before you purchase a bra just for its design. A good size also has a major role in maintaining the way your breast looks.

Go for a softer fabric to avoid irritation

The feel that you get after wearing a bra is also an important factor that determines your comfort. A bra made from a softer fabric will not cause any irritation to the skin. Soft bras like Never Say Never Soire Softie Bralette are a good option to go with if you are shopping for bras during menopause.

Best Bra

Remember the size and shape of your breast don’t remain the same forever

Just like human body; the size and shape of your breast also keep changing. So don’t just buy bras with the size similar to what you bought last time.  Get a professional fitting or use the size chart before buying, next time you decide to shop bras.

Padded bras are a better option when it comes to support

Many people don’t like wearing padded bras, but they are actually a great choice during menopause. Apart from increasing the size of your breast, padded bras also give a great support in reducing impact of movements that you encounter each day. Trenta padded lace camisole by Cosabella is a great option to consider.

Choose a design that tends to give better support

Style and trends are the two things that you would never want to sacrifice just to wear a bra that is comfortable. Racer back, extended plungie, halter neck, front cloaure are few of the stylish designs that you can choose for support. With greater support you will not feel tenderness, swelling, heaviness or other such discomforts of the breast. Hence, these trendy and comfortable bras are definitely a must buy during menopause.

Lingerie shopping will become a lot more fun when you know what to pick and what not. A little knowledge on how to choose the best bras will make this task a lot easier for you. Consider the above mentioned points next time you enter a lingerie store or visit an online shop. Be choosy with your purchase decisions and buy what you think will work the best. Stay fabulous, stay stylish!

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