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Cavaun: The high-end street clothing brand

Street clothing

Usually the street clothing brings much more comfort to us as well as it present street fashion, because street clothing is a style of casual clothing which introduced around the world in the 1990s. It grew from Californian surf and skate culture to encompass elements of sportswear.

In Street clothing’s some of them are usually Ripped Jeanes, Jean Chain, Adidas Stan Smith, Coat and Trench Coats, Brand Logo T-Shirts, Leather Jacket, Baseball caps, Sneaker and many more.

Cavaun: The high-end street clothing brand

Cavaun is a high end street clothing line based off of the founder Andre Johnson’s friend Cavaun who passed away in the early 90’s at the age of 13. Andre Johnson later legally changed his name to Andre Cavaun. So this way the new brand comes up with wide range of street clothing.

Cavaun offer products ranging from T-Shirts, Jackets and Clothes, Sweaters, Hoodies etc. You must include these high quality products along with bags, hats, sunglasses as these are mostly used in street fashion.  They introduced 3D acrylic hats. Cavaun is one of the first brands to have 3D acrylic hats worn by many celebrities.

Cavaun is making is own place in street fashion industry, and currently this is the only company who offers extended long t shirt packs.

Cavaun believes to sell high-quality goods at a reasonable price. That’s why they always have sale campaigns, so that everyone can afford great urban apparel. Whether you’re looking for casual baggy-style day clothes, a long tshirt or workout wear, Cavaun have got something for every occasion.


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