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Women fashion dishing out the newest in women’s fashion, clothing, accessories, beauty, and even more. Anything you use it well that’s style.

Dress Up Your Face with Fashionable Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make a huge difference to your overall look, like you wouldn’t believe. They can even make headlines sometimes – just take a look at Cara Delevingne’s magnificent brows. The power brow is definitely in – it frames the face, as well as adds a natural kind of beauty to your look; over plucked brows are soooo 2002! However, ... Read More »

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Posture

You might not have thought much about your posture since your mother lectured you about it when you were a child, but having good posture is important for many reasons. These are just some of the many things that you should know about your posture. Good Posture Can Help You Wear Your Clothes Better If you start paying more attention ... Read More »

Preparing for the summer season

Did last summer catch you unprepared? Did you have to run to get a new bikini at the last moment because you relied on your old one which happened not to be by your taste this season? Or maybe you realized your wardrobe is totally useless (surprise!) and when the first hot days hit you it can be frustrating not ... Read More »

Style in the Snow

After a warm holiday meal with friends and family and a season filled with events, gifts, and maybe even a bit of stress, why not get away and enjoy a trip to the snow? Celebrate everything you’ve been through this year with a ski or snowmobiling trip. Hike through the frost covered mountains or sail down the slopes on a ... Read More »

Tips To Select Your Bridesmaid Dress According To Wedding Dress

Planning for a wedding is often a tough job for most brides, especially the act of selecting the perfect wedding gown. To make matters worse, the bride also the added responsibility of selecting her bridesmaid’s dress because the bridesmaid’s dress color, style, and ‘look’ will help frame the bride and will support her beauty on the big day. Here a ... Read More »

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