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Brilliant Beds from Across the Globe

By the time we reach the grand old age of 75 we will have spent between 22 and 25 years of our lives sleeping! So it’s fair to say we will have spent one third of our lives asleep, so how many years of our lives have been spent in our beds? Well probably more than you’d like to think about as we don’t just use out beds for sleeping in. How many guilt free Sunday morning have we spent in our beds? We watch TV and films from the comfort of our beds, we eat breakfast, blog from it, as well as various other, ahem, activities.

Our beds are our sanctuary, our safe place, and as we spend such a huge percentage of our lives in them they need to be pretty amazing! And if you search the far corners of the world you’ll find some pretty spectacular beds

The Hi-Can

The ‘High Fidelity Canopy’ is the ultimate bed for gamers, film fanatics and wellfor people who love their bed. It was designed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino and you could practically live in it! The bed has everything you need, with technology peeking out of every panel. So let’s start with the techy stuff – it’s fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system, a built in PC and all the relevant attachments so you can plug in your favourite game console(s). All of this is connected to a massive projector that appears at the foot of your bed. So you can surf the net, watch your favourite programmes and films and play games – all in high definition.

high fidelity canopy bed

It also has blinds that can enclose you for a peaceful night’s sleep as well as reading lights, the Hi-Can can also be completely customised and the remote allows you to control everything from the comfort of your own bed. What more could you possibly want?!

The Private Cloud

There is something irresistible about a rocking chair – no matter how old you are, when you see one you get this real urge to have a quick go in it. With than in mind, the Private Cloud if the first rocking bed! Michael and Manuel Kloker are the brains behind the bed and they hope to revolutionize every bedroom with it. Imagine rocking, peacefully to sleep every night? Everyone knows rocking is the number one way to get a baby to sleep and it seems that theory stay with us forever and rocking causes us to go into a relaxing trance which is why a rocking bed could be the perfect cure to those sleepless nights.

Private Cloud bed

Magnetic Floating Bed

Forget the beds suspended from the ceiling this Magnetic Floating Bed will make you look and feel like a millionaire, subsequently you would have to be a millionaire several times over to own one! Dutchman Jaanjaap Ruijssenaars designed the floating bed fuelled by the challenge he set himself – to move away from the power of gravity. Prototypes of the bed were built using refrigerator magnets and self-made models. The finished product is made of permanent magnetic materials and the bed levitates through the power of opposing magnets. There are just four thin cables attached to each corner to anchor the bed, motionless in its position. A bed that would look amazing anywhere, you’d just have to remove anything magnetic from your home!

magnetic floating bed

So next time you’re looking for a new bed or are feeling particularly adventurous in the DIY department, maybe these beds can inspire your own bed creations, after all we spend a scarily large chunk of our lives in them!

This post was written by Meredith Watts on behalf of, a leading company specialising in the manufacture of Visco-elastic memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows.


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