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Brands with Cushion Foundations for Darker Skin Tones

Cushion Foundations

In this day and age makeup is something that a lot of people cannot live without. And like most necessities, such as gasoline or milk, it’s fairly expensive. We associate expenses with value, so the more expensive a product is, the better it must be. While this is not always the case, especially for makeup, people are willing to spend a lot of money on makeup because the last thing they want people to associate their faces is cheapness. So it is slightly ironic that people are eager to spend a large amount of money on the newest fad in cosmetics while still applying their make up with a cheap, ineffective makeup brush. Good makeup is nothing without a good brush; the same is true of any kind of paint.

Using a brush is arguably the best way to apply cushion foundation.  With a brush, you’ll end up using significantly less foundation and you’ll also have more precise control over other methods of application.  But of course, it matters that you get a quality brush because an ineffective brush will mute all of the advantages of using a brush.  You’ll end up using more make up than you want, the foundation will go on streaky and uneven, and so on.

Cushion Foundations

Cushion foundations are the most versatile type of foundation available. It’s used often because it works well for skins that need a small to moderate amount of coverage. Cushion foundations are difficult to spot and helps give the wearer a more natural look. There are a few reasons why cushion foundation is versatile and one of them is because of the different bases that they’re made with.

You have to decide whether to use a cream or a powder foundation based on the oil content of your skin. With oily skin, it is best to use a powder foundation because it will absorb the moisture. If you have dry skin, you should use a cream foundation, since it gets absorbed into the skin instead of just sitting on top of it as powder. And cream foundations are specially formulated to hydrate the skin. Cushion foundation is different because it will work fine with dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin types.

The reason that cushion foundation can be used for all skin types is that they’re made with different bases. A cushion foundation that is made with an oil-based formula will be suitable for wearers that have dry or normal skin. And then for wearers with oily skin, a liquid foundation with a water-based formula will work best for them. It’s important to not only match cushion foundation to your skin type but also to your complexion.

The main draw of liquid foundation is that it is not easily visible so it’s imperative that it’s well blended. So that means you will get the best results when the foundation matches your natural skin tone. Making sure that your cushion foundation matches your skin type and skin tone will make onlookers wonder if you’re wearing any makeup at all.

Brands for Darker Skin Tones

Cushion foundations come with three to four shades which offer easy coverage for skin especially women with dark skin tones have issues in finding perfect shades that flatter their skin tones. And however, all of these tend to be variations of beige. We are all for creating beauty more inclusive, so if you’re looking for cushion foundations with better shade representations, there are a number of brands exist, Today, I have chosen the following brand for you.

Laneige Layering Cushion & Concealing Base

This two-in-one cushion foundation and concealer is sort of the bootstrapper: It covers blemishes, brightens the complexion and comes in 14 different shades. The cushion features a foundation on one side and concealer on the opposite (half a shade lighter than the foundation to hide blemishes and brighten your complexion).



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