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10 Best Graphic Tee-Shirts Collection By Anthony Lawrence

Graphic Tee-Shirts

The Anthony Lawrence Collection from a dream to a brand is increasingly garnering the attention of many in the world of fashion daily with its unique quality and urban appeal. With aspiration to fulfill a lifelong dream and void in urban fashion, De’fron “Keith” Fobb launched his signature collection of graphic tees 2006 in the name of his father the late Anthony Lawrence.

De’fron integrated his keen sense of style and passion to create a movement-not fashion to ultimately design an urban sensibility, classy and fashion forward graphic tee-shirt collection.

“I always felt that God gave me the ability to be GREAT no matter what field I chose. Fashion is just a path he put me on to show greatness”–said De’fron

Since Graphic tee-shirts launch, Anthony Lawrence Collection has experienced significant success. The collection is currently comprised of graphic tees seeking to diversify its collection by expanding into denim, polo style shirts, and sweats in the near future. The line is produced twice a year for men, women, and kids of all ages. The Anthony Lawrence Collection is available on its website, boutiques, specialty web stores, and seasonal apparel trade shows.

Anthony Lawrence Graphic tee-shirts Collection has become a licensed NCAA merchandiser for Southern University and Grambling State University with a vision to be what Jordan Brand has become to many of the power conference institutions Anthony Lawrence Collection vision its brand as the same for many HBCU’s across the globe.

Anthony Lawrence Collection has already begin to apply for other school licensing rights and hope to one day have hbcu collegiate apparel just as appearing and fashionable as the other institutions.

Excellence is the goal in every aspect of the design and production of Anthony Lawrence Collection. The creative genius, De’Fron Fobb’s is building an empire that will soon rival any competition in the urban market globally. The Anthony Lawrence Collection with its iconic graphic designed tee’s is coming to a store near you.


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