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Best Decorating Ideas Using Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are more acceptable to churches and event facilities for tossing and strewing because the moisture has been removed… less risk of staining carpets, floors, and clothing.

Unlike fresh petals, preserved roses do not wilt. This allows you to prepare many of your decor and accessory items yourself, saving money and stress! Rose petal toss portions can be prepared in advance, you can make your own rose petal pathway, and you can decorate your hall and tables with rose petals yourselves … long before the wedding begins.

Decorate for your wedding, engagement party, bridal showers, or the rehearsal dinner using eternal roses is easy and can save money.

Using eternal roses

Use petals to decorate your reception tables, fill a flower girl basket or create a beautiful outdoor petal carpet or bridal runway. Each 1-ounce box will generously fill a flower girl basket. Use the leftovers to decorate your head table. One box will be enough for 40 – 50 guests for a bridal toss. Line the bridal runway with petals for a grand entrance, one box will cover approximately 20 square feet. Extra items that you may want to use with your petals include:

Use Petals in the Bridal Portrait or Photo Session Before the Wedding! The great thing about preserved petals is that you can re-use them all day for different photo’s in different locations. Just scoop them back in the bag! Don’t worry, preserved petals won’t stain your dress!

Decorate a Path for an Outdoor Wedding … How Fun!
Your guests can enter the reception site from a gorgeous path made of petals.

Beach Weddings … Spell “Love” in the Sand!

You can take our preserved petals with you to any location. They won’t stain, wilt, or turn to mush in the heat! Perfect for a seaside escape! Just let the ideas run wild. We are sure you will think of lots of uses for our preserved petals!

Table Decor That Won’t Break the Bank

You can create dramatic tables with preserved petals, candles and small centrepieces. The added bonus, since the petals are preserved to can decorate hours before the wedding.

All Wedding Cakes Look Better with Petals!

Preserved petals are an easy, fun way to decorate your cake table, guest sign in area, bathrooms, and other areas at the wedding.

Preserved Petals Make an Extra Special Gift Touch!

Add preserved petals as the “tissue paper” in the gifts for your bridesmaids. A simple gift get lots of oohs & ahhs! And the bridesmaids can use the petals for months and months after the wedding!

Decorate the Wedding Nite Suite!

Just can’t wait for romance to begin! Decorate your suite with preserved petals and candles. Have a few trusted friends do it for you and surprise the groom!

Candle and Petal Centerpieces

The light created by candles creates a warm glow and a romantic mood for your wedding. Make sure you are aware of any rules or laws about the use of candles and open flames that may be in effect at the location of your reception or event.



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