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Avoiding Men’s Winter Fashion Faux Pas

Many men just don’t consider whether they should think about creating a winter wardrobe that is both fashionable and suitable for winter weather. Wearing whatever seems to be suited to the weather in hand is how most men view their winter clothing. Always choosing function over form, rather than considering both elements, is what leads to many men’s winter passion faux pas.

The first step in avoiding winter fashion mistakes is for men to throw out lumberjack hats and old puffer coats and start thinking about what they are actually wearing. Winter boots are all very well, but if you want to go from work to a dinner date without looking out of place you need a pair of boots that is suitable for most occasions. Make a start on updating your winter wardrobe and avoid all those fashion mistakes.

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Winter Gloves and Hats

Most men tend to wear thick, utilitarian gloves once winter arrives. Yes, you want to keep your hands from freezing when winter winds blow, but you don’t have to look as though you are heading for the building site. Avoid winter fashion boobs by getting yourself a pair of decent leather gloves and keeping them in your coat pocket. Either put your old gloves with the rest of your working gear or consign them to the bin.

Nobody expects you to freeze your ears off or suffer from a headache brought on by winter weather, but think about what you are wearing. Get rid of hats with motifs or team names and get yourself a plain, decent woollen hat to keep the cold at bay – as for pompoms, well they just look daft on anyone over the age of 10.

Scarves and Ski Jackets

Everyone likes a nice warm scarf to keep the winter winds at bay, but most men tend to wear scarves that just aren’t long enough. Not only will a short scarf let the cold in, it will look as though it’s shrunk in the wash and should be binned. There was a time when it was the fashion for men to wear a puffy ski jacket over their suit, but that time has long since gone. Get a decent overcoat to wear on top of your suit and you will look and feel far more business like and fashionable.

Suited and Booted

 When men are wearing suits, even if there is snow on the ground, all too many of them shun their boots in favour of thin shoes. If you don’t want to arrive at work or at a restaurant for dinner with soaking wet feet, get yourself a decent pair of fashionable boots. Decent boots will look great whether you are wearing jeans or a suit and you will avoid yet another winter fashion faux pas.

The lesson is that you can keep warm and dry without looking as though you never heard of men’s fashion. Wear clothes that look good but which also perform the function of keeping you warm and dry during the winter months.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Patra. Visit their site to find out more.


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