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8 Items of Lingerie That Every Woman Should Have

As a woman, it can sometimes be very difficult to find the right underwear to wear under a certain shirt, sleeveless top, dress, skirt or even just to find comfy but pretty underwear to sleep in. However, if you start with the very basics and have one (or more) of each of the following in your closet then you are sure to be set up for a day or evening out (or in) whether it’s summer, spring, autumn or winter.

Firstly, it is a good idea to have a variety of bra types:

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The T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bras have been perfectly designed to be worn under any piece of clothing that is tight or thin, as these bras are made up of one entirely seamless piece so that you don’t have to have those obvious bra-shaped lines ruining an outfit. T-shirt bras are also well designed for wearing in the evenings under fancy dresses, as they add and enhance the shape of breasts without the need for any extra padding.

The Nu-de Bra

It can often be exasperating trying to find a bra that doesn’t show up too obviously under light clothing, (…even white bras show up obviously), so then when it comes to wearing light or white clothing, a nude bra has got to be the item of choice. For many, nude will mean beige or tan colours, but, in truth nude is whatever colour best matches the tone of your skin.

Convertible Bra

The convertible bra is, in my opinion, a lingerie must have, especially for those who have larger breasts and cannot get away with wearing a strapless bra all the time. Clothing can be annoying in the way that the sleeves, straps and backs vary so much, yet we like it at the same time because variety is interesting. So, fortunately a convertible bra solves many of these clothing issues. Many convertible bras have been designed to adapt to a multitude of clothing options; such as strapless, halter neck, low-back, crisscross and even one shoulder too.

There are a wide variety of types of knickers out there for women but no matter which type you go for, you need to make sure that you are comfortable. It is my recommendation that every woman should have the following for those occasions when a tight dress is called for, or when it’s just the case that you want to feel sexier.

Seamless Knickers

Seamless knickers can themselves be had in a variety of different styles; such as high legs, briefs, boxers and thongs, however, whatever you prefer, they are a lingerie must have for any woman because in so many outfits these days, a visible panty line can ruin the desired effect of the outfit. Having a pair of seamless knickers on hand can also prevent you from having an embarrassing moment after perhaps deciding to go commando in order to avoid a VPL…after all no one wants that embarrassment!


Thongs are an excellent item of lingerie to have, whether you want to wear them every day, just on special occasions, or under your tighter skirts and trousers. They prevent the dreaded VPL and can also help a woman to feel sexy, in addition to being a lot more comfortable than many people might think.

Sheer Tights

These are a must have for any woman who works in an office. It may sound old fashioned but it is still deemed as polite for women, if they are wearing skirts in a business environment, to cover their legs in some way. With sheer tights, women meet this expectation and can also help their legs to look slimmer and more tanned too.

Fishnet Tights

Firstly, let it be known that fishnets can be worn, not only when you are dressed up and out for an evening but at work too. They can look extremely chic and will always be trendy and are just a great way to add an extra bit of interest to whatever you are wearing. An important thing to remember though is that the smaller the mesh is the better and more elegant they will look.


A slip is a miracle worker at times, not only can they solve the problem of not having the right colour underwear, but they can also give your body a smoother and firmer look and if you are feeling particularly frumpy one day/ evening, they can help you to feel more confident by hiding any lumps and bumps you’re conscious of and enhance your figure.

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