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5 Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

After every big event, celebrities are always being critiqued on their style choices. Along with strange outfits and strange makeup comes even stranger hair. Sometimes celebrities are intentionally trying to make a statement with their crazy and overdone hairstyle. Other times they simply just fail.

From awful cuts to styles gone wrong all the way down to a poor color choice made the following five celebrities make our list. Read on to see five of the worst hairstyles of all time. We wonder how many stylists lost their jobs after these pictures surfaced.

1. Fergie

Is there a face under those bangs? We know that bangs are popular and back in style, but rocking bangs from the early 90s isn’t an acceptable look, especially when they appear to be striped in different colors. Not only do they just look awful, but they do nothing to highlight Fergie’s natural beauty. They’re too big for her face, making them somewhat overwhelming. Sorry, Fergie, but these bangs do not make you look G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S.

fergie hairstyles

2. Ke$ha

This Lady Gaga wannabe is known to pull off some strange looks just to get attention, and we were really hesitant in adding her to this list, but we couldn’t ignore the hot mess on top of her head. Why would she intentionally want to look this bad? This hairstyle is a combination of bed head meets mohawk meets multiple bottles of superglue and Aquanet meets placing a finger into an electrical socket. If you were going for completely awful, congratulations. You succeeded.

kesha hairstyles

3. Christina Aguilera

Poor Christina has been a fashion victim from day one, but poor choices just continue to run in her stylists’ vision. We know this picture is old, but who could forget this ‘do? It appears that Christina was going for a poodle/Medusa combination to achieve this look. Plus, the large volume of this look does not complement her short and thin frame, which makes it even worse. We feel sorry for whoever had to sit behind her at the awards show that night.

christina aguilera hairstyles

4. Scarlett Johansson

Hello mullet. We never thought that such a beautiful woman could make such poor fashion decisions, but Scarlett Johansson proves us wrong. This look may have been a classic in the 80s, but we thought (and were hoping) that it died there too. Even a pretty girl can’t pull off business in the front and party in the back. Thankfully, this awful cut didn’t last long.

scarlett johansson hairstyles

5. Jay Manuel

Women aren’t the only ones making poor hairstyle choices. You would think that someone who works in fashion for a living would have better taste, but the silver bullet hair color is just downright awful. We understand that now it is part of his persona, but we’re pretty sure the hair dye manufacturer that makes that color has only sold it to one individual. You’ve rocked the silver long enough, Jay. Try something new. Please.

Jay Manuel hairstyles

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