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5 Great Sofa Designs To Consider For Your Next Purchase

Sofa Designs You Need To Look At

The sofa tends to be the most important piece of furniture in your lounge, as well as the one that can make or break the essence of your other furnishings. A great sofa can make your living room look like a work of art, but if you get it wrong then it could stick out like a sore thumb. Not only should it look great, it has to be comfortable and suitable for you or your family’s needs too. Here are 5 great sofa designs when considering your next purchase.

1) The two-seater sofa

Perfect for the smaller home or family, the two-seater sofa can look great on its own, or with other seating to go with it.

Many people purchase a smaller settee that will go with something larger they already have, but these are also great for those that do not need to seat a lot of people at once.

two seater sofa designs

If you live in a studio or flat, then a two-seater can be just what you need to sit comfortably and still have space for the rest of your furniture.

2) The Recliner sofa

Want to add a touch of luxury to your living room, as well as relaxation? The recliner sofa will do exactly that whilst providing the ultimate in comfort.

If you have back problems, or spend a lot of time on your sofa and find it getting uncomfortable then look at getting investing in seating that reclines. Simply pull a lever or push a button to bring up a foot rest, lean the seat back and relax.

These are also great for those who enjoy putting their feet up, but do not have a coffee table to do so, or have been told off by the other half for using it as a footstool!

Recliner sofa

3) The three-seater sofa

One step up from the two-seater and great for families is the three-seater settee. Squeeze more people in for cuddles around the television, or make the most of alone time by stretching out.

As long as you have the space for a larger sofa then this is a great investment. You could even pair it with a matching arm chair or two-seater for even more seating space!

three seater sofa designs

4) The L-Shaped or Corner Sofa

Constantly shooting up the popularity lists are the L-Shaped or Corner sofas which are renowned for having the most space of any seating.

Find a corner or a large space in your lounge you want to fill, find out if you want a left or right angled sofa and then get yourself one of these!

They look and feel great for all of the family, plus they are definitely a focal point in your room.

l shaped sofa design

5) The Luxury or High-Tech Sofa

These types of sofas may not be for everyone, nor within every budget, however they are a great investment due to longer warranties and better customer care.

A luxury sofa could be anything from a specific material, such as top quality leather, or manufactured by a designer brand, to a custom made piece just for you.

The high-tech luxury sofas include things such as i-Pod docking stations, or speakers to add that ‘wow’ factor to your living room, creating a talking point for all of your guests.


Remember to take into account the space and budget you have when looking at purchasing a new sofa. Smaller spaces should look at two-seaters or smaller recliners, whereas larger rooms can accommodate much bigger seating including corner sofas.

Other factors to consider when looking at a new sofa are the material and colours. If you are planning on redecorating in the next few years then go for a more neutral colour.

The same applies if you have children or pets to take into consideration, if you have smaller children then a white sofa and sticky hands may not go so well together!

Whatever you decide, your sofa will be the main hub for your family to get together for many years to come, so pick something that you will love and cherish for a long time.

Rebecca Walton is a writer for BoConcept Sofas and loves writing about great sofa designs.

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