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3 types of shoes every man should own

Men today take their appearance seriously – and this means from head to foot with bespoke cobblers enjoying record sales more than ever before. But then so are the tailors and shirt makers of this world. Men spend more money on the way they look and making more of a statement, they’re fast following in the footsteps of European men – and wow don’t they look good.

The ‘new man’ is discerning and extremely well-informed about fashion. He is not afraid to show off a look, discuss trends and how past influences had an impact on the way men dress today. When it comes to shoes for men, there are three pairs that any man worth his salt needs to have in his closet.

Brogues – All Time Classics

Investing in well-made shoes for men, crafted by cobblers who really know their stuff is no longer thought of as a geeky way to achieve a look. Brogues are the all-time classic shoe every man needs to include is his wardrobe inventory. Suede or leather, brogues look good, they’re stylish and they make the right kind of statement about the man who’s wearing them.

Deck Shoes – Cool & Casual

Another superb design, deck shoes are classic and casual footwear for men, they make the right kind of statement about the guy who’s wearing them. Matched up to casual trousers and a rugby shirt – deck shoes are smart, classic and incredibly stylish. And there’s an incredible choice out there. Suede, leather or canvas deck shoes just look so good and you don’t have to be ‘all at sea’ to wear them.

Trainers – The Best in Town

Every man needs a pair of trainers in his wardrobe. But not just any trainers – the pair he needs are top quality, offering comfort, style and which have that ‘feel good’ factor when worn with casual clothes. Trainers worn to ‘work out’ are a different kettle of fish altogether. A pair of trainers to be seen out in, need to have that designer look and exude maximum style.

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When it comes to shoes, men these days know that investing in three pairs of classic designs is money well spent. Of course, they can have other pairs of fashionable, trendy footwear in the closets, but you can bet your bottom dollar, the shoes they fall back on when push comes to shove, will always be the classics because the footwear of choice has always stood the tests of time, and nothing will ever beat the classic shoes for men.

Written by: Natasha Brown – a bubbly fashionista who loves to travel and spot fashion trends all over the world which she can then blog about. She also loves to help others find their style and recommends Jane Shilton for comfortable and stylish footwear.


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